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Collection of Factor Articles in PDF

Factor has experienced some rapid change in the libraries and language over the past few years. I've written a few blog posts about Factor in the past and many of them suffer from bitrot due to this, making it hard to try out the examples in the latest Factor versions.

I've collected some of these articles, put them in a PDF document, and am slowly working through them so they are up to date with recent Factor versions. The document is split into sections for the articles that should work, and those that don't. Even the out of date articles make intersting reading for examples on how to use Factor.

There's nothing new in the document since it's a collection of things available from my blog posts, but having the central document makes it easier to update, print out, and read.

You can download it from factor-articles.pdf.

The git repository with the LaTeX source is hosted on github at

Comments and suggestions welcome.


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