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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Slava has released Factor 0.76 with lots of changes and fixes. I've updated the online Factor Browser to run this version.

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Joel Reymont is having problems getting details on how best to do a high perfomance network server in lisp. The main problem seems to be that the various Common Lisp network servers are threaded and each thread takes up 2-4MB of heap. This limits the amount of threads that can be spawned.
With Erlang I can just launch a process to handle my incoming request, one process per request, without worries. I'm using Allegro CL, a top-notch Lisp implementation and I have to worry that each thread is gonna eat up 2-4Mb of memory. There seems to be no guidance or established pattern on how to write a high-performance network server in Lisp.

4:23:18 PM      

Mark Watson has a couple of nice posts about how he's finding Seaside, the Smalltalk continuation based web framework, a very productive tool. His title on his first post, Seaside might be the best web application framework for small scale web applications, says it all. He follows up with a bit on halos and interactive web development.

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