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H.264/AAC/MP3 decoding support for Firefox for Android

My last post on H.264/AAC/MP3 support for B2G briefly talked about Android. A couple of bugs landed recently on mozilla-central to provide support for playback of these formats on some Android devices:

  • Bug 759945 - Stagefright decoding using software decoders
  • Bug 782508 - Stagefright decoding using hardware decoders

Support for using these formats can be turned on or off using the preference media.plugins.enabled. It is turned on by default on nightly builds.

This is an early stage in the implementation and you should expect bugs and performance issues. Please test and raise bugs for anything you come across. I suspect that there will be issues with certain devices with the hardware decoding support. We need to find these and find fixes or workarounds for them.

Support is restricted to ICS and Jellybean devices with Gingerbread in development. The following devices have worked for me:

  • Galaxy Note running ICS
  • Nexus S running ICS
  • Nexus S running Jellybean
  • HTC One X (International) running ICS

The following bugs are known issues on specific devices:

  • Bug 784329 - No video playback on Galaxy Nexus.
  • Bug 783830 - Playback on Samsung Galaxy S3 intercepted by AwesomePlayer.


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