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My mozilla-central git clone is stopping

For quite a while I've been maintaining a git mirror of the mercurial mozilla-central repository. My mirror has the history from the mercurial repository but they both lack the original CVS history as this was not converted when the change was made to use mercurial.

Recently a new git mirror containing the project history, including CVS, has become available in the mozilla-central github account. Now that this is available I will no longer be maintaining my own git mirror. The two repositories use different commit id's so are incompatible. I'll be deleting my repository in a few days to prevent confusion - already I've received a few emails asking why I have mine going when an official repository is available and I'd prefer to avoid people accidentally using it and getting confused when it's not compatible with the main one.

It's great to see a more official git mirror finally become available and thanks to those that have supported my efforts in the past.


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