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WDCNZ HTML Media Presentation

Last month I went down to Wellington to give a joint talk at the WDCNZ conference. The topic was "HTML Media: Where we are and where we need to go". The talk was shared between Nigel Parker, Mobile and Developer Evangelist for Microsoft, and myself. The conference was excellent with some great speakers and talks.

Nigel and I covered using HTML video and audio elements and how they can be used today across multiple browsers and mobile devices. We also covered upcoming API's and directions in the web media area. Demo's were shown on Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, Windows Phone 7 (running the Mango update which has a browser that supports HTML media) and Firefox. Nigel has slides and a summary in his blog post about the talk. I think it took a bit for attendees to get over the shock over a Mozilla and Microsoft representative sharing the stage and working together! Nigel's post explains how this came about.

I spoke to a few Kiwi developers afterwards about using HTML video and there was a fair bit of interest in using it. The main obstacles seemed to be people unsure what codec to use and wanting support for adaptive streaming. The first is an education issue, getting people aware of what codecs to support for maximum coverage across browsers and how to encode to those formats. With regards to adaptive streaming there has been discussion between interested parties in various mailing lists and groups - it's definitely something that is wanted.

At the time of the talk Nigel and I weren't able to find any existing New Zealand based sites that use HTML video. Hopefully this will change in the future and Microsoft New Zealand are leading by example by using HTML video on their own site.


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