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Wasp Lisp Respository Moves to Github

Scott Dunlop, The author of Wasp Lisp, has moved development from its bzr based launchpad location to WaspVM on github.

Hopefully this will encourage more interest in the implementation with people forking and working on it. For an overview of Wasp Lisp you can read a couple of my previous posts on it:

I used to have a private git repository containing an import of Wasp Lisp and various branches of things I was working on. With the move to github I've rebased my changes on top of Scott's github repository and put them in the following branches in my github fork:

  • real_numbers: This adds support for floating point numbers to Wasp Lisp. Some of the numerical operators are overloaded to accept floats and support for floats added to the serialisation code so they can be sent to other nodes.
  • opengl: This was a start at adding support for OpenGL graphics. I never finished it but it's there in case I (or someone else) decides to hack on it again.
  • node_retry: This changes MOSREF drones so that they try to connect again if the connection to the console node breaks, or it can't connect in the first place.

They've been a couple of other thing I had tinkered with and these have been upstreamed already. The branches above are things that are either not ready for upstreaming or not suitable for other reasons.

Another Wasp project I did a while back was create a skeleton reference documentation for the Wasp Lisp functions and primitives, with some basic build instructions. I put this in a WaspVM-Articles github repository. It requires ASCIIDoc to build. A pre-generated version is available in waspvm-articles.pdf.

The documentation was created by using the 'waspdoc' tool to get the import and exports of the Wasp Lisp modules. I added the primitives by grepping/searching the VM source code by hand. Hopefully this can form the base of some up to date reference material.

You can see MOSREF in action from the older Mosquito Lisp system in these videos:

MOSREF was ported to Wasp Lisp by Scott Dunlop and is included in the source repository.


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