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Another update

I've made some more changes and fixes to since my last update.

I've updated to the latest Factor version, picking up some bug fixes and improvements to the libraries that I use.

The look and feel of the site has a new logo and banner thanks to Hans Schmucker. There have been some great contributions and bug reports in the feedback part of the site from Hans and others.

Support for converting Daily Motion videos is now in place. This gives three sites that can be converted from now. The other two being YouTube and Vimeo. In all cases it tries to convert the highest quality video available from the site.

A number of bugs in the file uploads have been fixed. There still are a few annoyances in this area, mainly to do with not very good error reporting when an upload fails. I'm still playing around with this area.

Previously logging in was done with Facebook Connect. Now I've added support for Open ID as well as Facebook and others.

This support was easily added using the great service from RPX Now. I implemented server support in Factor very easily and it gives a nice authentication login interface. If you don't want to associate an existing account with your videos you can use a service like to get an Open ID login and use that to authenticate with tinyvid.

I'm trialing the bookmarklet written by Hans Schmucker as the main player on the site. It provides visibility of the controls outside the video area so you can always see them without obscuring the video, has a volume control, and allows resizing the video. If you want to try the browser's standard controls you can click on the 'download' link on the video page to do that. I may switch between this player and the native controls based on feedback or if problems are found.

I added an 'embed snippet' on the video page so you can copy/paste it into your own pages to have the video embedded.

If you have any ideas for things to add or improve let me know.


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