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2009-03-07 updates

I did some minor tweaks to recently. I added the ability to add comments to video pages, and add feedback on the site. This uses Intense Debate, a third party commenting engine.

On the video front I added a page to return a random video from those available. The video pages themselves show the duration, download progress and current playback position if the browser supports the relevant events. These should work in the latest Firefox nightlies, maybe with the exception of 'download progress'. The latter works well with the patch from bug 464376 applied. That bug should be resolved soon - it just needs tests written and handle the case of local files (those not served over HTTP).

File uploads are not yet supported. For uploads I imagine I will need to work out a way of moderating/screening the uploaded videos. Even without this functionality the site still has almost 200 videos available for testing the HTML 5 <video> element.


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