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Not a Tutorial on HAppS

A long time ago I took a look at HAppS, a Haskell web application framework.

I recently got the excellent book Real World Haskell and have been working through the book. I wanted something to explore while doing this so I revisited HAppS to play around with web programming in Haskell.

There's some documentation out there on HAppS, compared to last time I looked at it. Some pointers:

I found these very useful resources to learn about HAppS.

I'm documenting what I learn as I go, writing Not a HAppS Tutorial, but a cookbook of examples doing small things as I learnt them.

Not a HAppS Tutorial is hosted on a wiki written in HAppS called Gitit. It's a nice piece of work and it also proved very useful in learning HAppS, looking at the code for a working piece of software.


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