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New Zealand Open Source Awards

The New Zealand Open Source Awards were held in Wellington on Wednesday night. Congratulations to Robert O'Callahan who was nominated as a finalist for the 'Open Source Contributor' category, and won the award on the night!

Also winning an award was Radio New Zealand for 'Open Source use in Government'. Radio New Zealand are doing some great work distributing their content in Ogg Vorbis format as an alternative to MP3. For example, see their 'ninetonoon' page.

Another reason to love Radio New Zealand they are experimenting with the new <audio> functionality currently in the Firefox 3.1 nightly builds. Richard Hulse blogs about the Oggulate script he is writing that converts the links to Vorbis files on the page to buttons that play the Vorbis audio file using the audio element. So if you're looking for some content to give Firefox 3.1 a workout, give Radio NZ's Vorbis support a try.


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