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SVG Animation Update

I've made a couple of quick fixes to the SVG Animation patch I mentioned earlier. The fixes are:

  • Implements the <set> element
  • Gets the 'discrete' calcMode working
  • Gets setCurrentTime working

This should allow more SMIL Animation examples to work. These changes also happen to make the SMIL parts of Acid 3 work. Well, sort of. Tests 75 works, but test 76 fails intermittently. If I do a full refresh of the Acid 3 page it works. I've no doubt got something wrong in the setCurrentTime implementation. Builds:

This is probably about all the time I can spend on looking at SMIL for now, apart from minor tweaks, but the original author of the patch commented in my last post that they were interested in resuming work on it. I hope that's the case - It'd be great to see this completed.


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