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Firefox SVG Animation Patch

I wanted to try out an SVG Animation example that someone sent me but Firefox currently doesn't have support for this. Bug 216462 contains a patch with a work in progress implementation of SVG Animation so I looked into trying it out.

Unfortunately it has suffered some bitrot recently so I made the changes to get it to apply on the current CVS. There were some problems causing crashes which I fixed up and I've updated the bug with the adjusted patch.

Jeff Schiller commented previously in the bug about wanting to try it out but not being able to build so I made my builds available for him to play with. His latest blog post mentions the results of trying the build out. Thanks for giving it the run through Jeff!

If you want to have a play with a build with the SMIL patch applied, you can try my experimental builds:

These also have the video patch applied.

The original author of the patch has a status page and a page of tests that can be used to try it out. I don't know how up to date those are with regards to the current version of the patch though.

On the video front, I've updated some of the binary video builds to fix some bugs exposed by the excellent Metavid site - a <video> early adopter.


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