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Opera has a new Video enabled build

Opera is making a call for video on the web, releasing an experimental build with video support modelled on the latest WHATWG specification.

Their post has some examples to try out and instructions on how to use the <video> element.

Their examples work quite well in the latest video enabled build of Firefox too. Thanks to help from Robert O'Callahan it now has support for the 'controls' attribute. There's no more need for JavaScript buttons to activate video. I've also implemented some of the events. This code is in the git repository.

Some very experimental binary builds if you want to try things out:

Be aware that these are builds from a random point in the Mozilla CVS tree, with the Video patch applied. I don't guarantee they'll work for much more than demonstrating video support and it's very likely to contain bugs. That said, I run these builds often.

Try out the demo's that Opera have done, or the one's on my test page.

It's very cool to see video support using patent free formats running on more than one browser, with simple HTML that can be embedded by anyone. Thanks Opera!


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