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Firefox Video Element Patch Version 2

I've attached a new version of the Firefox Video Element Patch to bugzilla. As outlined in the bugzilla entry, this patch fixes/updates:

  • Ogg codec support can be enabled/disabled with configure flag --disable-ogg. Currently if the Ogg codec is disabled then the video element is disabled too. In the future if/when other codecs are supported this can change.
  • Fix build problems when doing libxul enabled builds
  • Fix link error on windows when doing a --disable-libxul build
  • Fix colour playback issues on Linux and Windows
  • Handle no audio device being present
  • Adjust element size when video size information is read from the Ogg file
  • No longer use channel across threads
  • Various refactorings based on email feedback

A couple of issues still to track down:

  1. Sound not working on Linux
  2. Sound not working on Mac OS X optimized builds

I've also updated the third party modules patch which you need to apply first: third_party_modules.patch.gz

I've been regularly updating the Git repository and it contains all these changes as well.


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