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Patch for Video element support in Firefox

I've uploaded a patch which is the first pass at implementing support for the <video> element in Firefox. The patch is attached to bug 382267.

There are quite a few known issues with the patch at the moment, and I'm working through them, but I've made it available at this time so others can at least try it out. A page with some example usage is here:

To build you'll need the latest Firefox CVS, and apply the following:

I've also made a git repository available that tracks my work on video. This is basically Firefox CVS with the patch applied, and is the repository I used to generate the patch in the first place. I'll be updating that regularly with my changes between patch generation for the bugzilla entry. You can track this repository with one of the following commands:

 git clone
 git clone git://

The main issues at the moment are problems with optimized builds, so I suggest trying it out with a debug build. I'm also not using channels correctly for multithreaded code which is the cause for a bit of instability. Read the bug for further details.


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