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Factor to Javascript Compiler Makeover

I've made some changes to the way the Factor to Javascript compiler REPL works.

I used 'termlib' to make a terminal style interface for the REPL. Instead of entering Factor code, hitting submit, and waiting for the result, you can type in a listener style REPL, hit enter and get the result back. It works much better. History is available using the up and down arrow keys.

It does have a few rough edges. There's no copy and paste. And no multiline input. I'll fix these over time. Termlib is a nice library to use but be aware of the license restrictions if you want to use it:

This JavaScript-library is free for private and academic use. Please include a readable copyright statement and a backlink to in the web page. The library should always be accompanied by the "readme.txt" and the sample HTML-documents.

The term "private use" includes any personal or non-commercial use, which is not related to commercial activites, but excludes intranet, extranet and/or public net applications that are related to any kind of commercial or profit oriented activity.

For commercial use see for contact information.

Eventually I want to write the entire terminal code in Factor and compile it to Javascript but that's probably some time in the future.

I made a few other relatively minor changes. USE:, USING:. and IN: are supported. I also added 'print', 'write', '.' and '.s'. I will be adding more words and putting them in their correct vocabularies over time. I also have plans for better generated code and integrating with my comet library which hopefully won't be too far away.


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