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Article Management System

I usually have a collection of notes and howto's that I've gathered as I worked out how to do things and file them away.

Sometimes they're not really relevant for blog postings or I prefer to be able to edit them over time to keep them up to date - which is not really useful for weblog postings without spamming people's RSS aggregators with old posts.

So around new years eve last year I wrote a very simple article management system in Factor. It allows me to write articles online using Wiky syntax, with an online preview. I can add tags and it automatically links tag pages to articles, lists of articles, etc. It basically does the bare minimum to do what I need. I'm hosting a couple of sites using it but the one for my technical articles is here: Hopefully it stays up long enough after this weblog posting! It has been running another of my sites for the past month with reasonable traffic so it seems to be pretty stable.

The article manager can run multiple websites with different articles for each site and they're stored in a sqlite database.

I'll be tidying up the source code and making it available soon. It's written using the Factor 'furnace' web framework, and is the reason for the basic authentication code I wrote. It uses it to control site setup, content posting, etc.


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