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Erlang and Mobile Phones

Luke Gorrie has started a new weblog and he's posting about his experiences learning Squeak Smalltalk. In his first post to the weblog he mentions what he's been working on the past couple of years:

The past couple of years I've instead worked really hard with some friends to build up a happy little Erlang company with an office where we drink our coffee. We've developed and marketed a system for mobile phone companies to keep track of all the mobile phones their customers are using and to automatically send configurations for picture messaging, web browsing, and so on. We've installed these systems in over 60 countries and have more than 200 million of you puny humans represented in our Mnesia databases. We're the market leaders and have only a fraction of our competitors' staff size, but of course you guessed this when I said "Erlang". :-)


This site is accessable over tor as hidden service mh7mkfvezts5j6yu.onion, or Freenet using key: