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Unenterprisey Languages meeting

There's an 'Unenterprisey Languages meeting' at 4pm this Saturday (the 10th of June) in Wellington, New Zealand. It's being held in the L2 boardroom at Catalyst, Level 2, 150 Willis St.

Speakers so far are:

  • Robert Strandh, who will probably be talking about Common Lisp and the G# score editor
  • Jonathan Wright who will be talking about the Io programming language.
  • Geoff Cant, who will be talking about Erlang and maybe Sisc scheme.
  • And me, but I have no idea what I'm going to talk about just yet.

Last time there was a gathering like this (A Lisp users gathering) I talked about Aviarc, the web development product I work on for my day job, and its underlying continuation based web server written in Scheme. I haven't decided what to talk about this time...and I'm running out of time!


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