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E4X with Server Side Javascript

I've updated the Server Side Javascript distribution to include an example which uses E4X.

E4X is described in Ecma-357 and adds a Native XML syntax to Javascript. The XML is converted to a Javascript object which can be used to query and manipulate the XML.

The E4X example servlet generates the XHTML to be displayed using:

var result = 
        <head><title>HTML Using E4X!</title></head>
          <p>Hello from E4X on: {new Date()}.</p>

It embeds the current date and time by calling out to Javascript's Date object. This is done by wrapping the Javascript expression inside curly bracket: {new Date()}.

Given the XML object now stored in the 'result' variable it can be sent over the wire in the same manner as the other servlet examples:

var text = doctype + result.toString();

I prepend an XHTML doctype to the output as the XML generated is actually XML not HTML. This means things like <br> need to be <br/>, etc. I've not found a way to get E4X to generate HTML which is a pity - if anyone knows if it is possible I'd appreciate you dropping a comment here.

The updated code is available as javascript-server-0.2.tar.gz and in the darcs repository:

darcs get


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