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Rhino in Spring

I wrote previously about an option to use Javascript on the server using Rhino. I came across 'Rhino in Spring' today which does this in a much more full featured manner.

It is a continuation based system that integrates with Spring allowing you to use Javascript to write web applications and use continuation based features. From the looks of it you can choose where the continuation data is stored too, either in the database, in the session or in the client browser - no state stored on the server! Frmo the site:

At the moment, continuations can be stored in-memory, bound to a HTTP session, or for more sophisticated applications, they can be persisted to a JDBC data source or even let to be managed by the client's browser! Smart stubbing of shared objects is employed that both minimizes the size of the serialized state and allows continuations to be resumed in a different JVM than the one that originally created them, allowing for clustering and failover scenarios


This site is accessable over tor as hidden service 6vp5u25g4izec5c37wv52skvecikld6kysvsivnl6sdg6q7wy25lixad.onion, or Freenet using key: