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SISCweb v0.33 announced

Alessandro Colomba has announced the release of version 0.33 of SISCweb.

SISCweb is a continuation based web server written in SISC, a Scheme implementation that runs on the JVM.

New features mentioned in the release announcement include:

  • A new module siscweb/image provides procedures to send images from java.awt.image.RenderedImage objects or from files.
  • A new API wraps and "scheme-ifies" all methods on the Request, Response, Session and ServletContext objects. This makes it easier to access POST data through a scheme input port, or to set the response buffer size, or set Java or Scheme session attributes, for example.
  • A new procedure forward/dynenv/store! can be used in place of the @href-p attributes or plain forward/store! when one desires to capture the dynamic environment of a closure, e.g. SRFI-39 parameters. Because SISC 1.13 solves a few serialization bugs, it is now possible to use SRFI-39 parameters in place of session attributes for tracking state. This is particularly useful in event-based programming (e.g. AJAX). See the Counter example code (no pun intended).
  • Improvements to response writing improve performance for markup, graphviz, images.
  • Improvements to XML/XHTML output.
  • A new (backwards-compatible) API for siscweb/config.
  • Updated documentation throughout.
  • Some internal refactoring.


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