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Backbase LiveGrid and DataGrid

Backbase have released version 3.1.1 of their rich internet application framework. It contains a large number of 'web 2.0' goodies. The two big ones are live grid and data grid components.

The live grid is a paging component that lets the user just use a scroll bar to lazily load data frmo the server. Only the items displayed in the grid are actually retrieved from the server (plus some for caching purposes). Scrolling with the scrollbar will automatically pull the requested data from the server. This is very similar to the Open Rico live search example and is something that has been requested in the Backbase forums.

The data grid is a table that can contain rich data, including other backbase controls, which can be presented and edited by the user. It is cell based and has many features, including (from the Backbase whats new document):

  • Editable fields
  • Embedded form controls (text, drop-down, calendar, etc)
  • Context menu
  • Insert and delete rows and columns
  • Row and column headers
  • Column sorting
  • Column resizing
  • Grid resizing
  • Multiple selections
  • Keyboard navigation

There are many other great enhancements in this backbase release. Use the explorer and read the whats new document for more details.


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