I've written some bash scripts for inserting content into Freenet. While I work on them I've created this quick site to share what works at the moment. The scripts are:

'mirror.sh' requires 'putdir.sh'. Put both in the same directory. Some example commands:

# View help
$ ./mirror.sh -h

# Downloads the page into a directory 'example', creating it if needed,
# and inserts into Freenet as USK@randomkey/example/0.
$ ./mirror.sh http://example.com/one.html example

# Downloads the page into the 'example' directory and inserts it as a
# new edition under the given key.
$ ./mirror.sh -k USK@previouskey/example/0 http://example.com/one.html example

# Downlaods the complete site and inserts into Freenet so that 'one.html'
# loads first when the key is requested.
$ ./mirror.sh -m -i one.html http://example.com/ example

# Convert the referenced page to a PNG file and create a Freenet site to display it
$ ./mirror.sh -g http://example.com/ example

The '-g' option requires phantomjs to be installed. It requires the static binaries from the phantomjs site. I've mirrored the 64 bit linux binary at phantomjs-2.1.1-linux-x86_64.tar.bz2.